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Giesserei History


In the last century, metal alloys have been processed into fittings in the mighty melting furnace at the Giesserei Nyffenegger. A tough job.

In 1996, the foundry moved to a new building. What remained after 86 years of intensive use, was an orphaned factory building and relics from an industrial era.

Already in the same year, the artist Lukas Hofkunst organized illegal parties in the industrial halls and invited to the “Sonntags – Wirtschaft”, a unique lounge.

In 1997 Ursin Mirer started as an investor and entrepreneur. The illegality ended – the charm remained. Only what was necessary has been renovated. The post-industrial atmosphere should remain.

In 1999 the Giesserei received the first legal guests as a restaurant. The newly founded Fidel Gastro AG conquered room after room – with a love for the old and an eye for the new.

Since 2003, the Fidel Gastro AG rebuilt the “Werkstatt” and “Terrasse” and expanded the Giesserei to include the “Subclub”. The industrial past and stylish present merge in the venues, which have been remodeledwith a great deal of sensitivity by designer Alfredo Häberli and architect David Joho.

Now the guests of the Giesserei had even more rooms available to celebrate and to be indulged – with a cuisine that had in the meantime even been included in the GaultMillau Guide. Even after this expansion, the rooms still looked as if the last worker had just pulled his punch card out of the time clock.

The Giesserei has long been known for parties and events of all kinds. The owners Ursin Mirer, Hans Nyffenegger and Michael Bellert also invited to a glamorous summer party – on the occasion of the 13th anniversary. The return of Nyffenegger & Co. AG to the Giesserei was celebrated in 2010: it celebrated its centenary at its original location.

After all the work on the SBB diameter line had been completed, the air in Oerlikon was clean again. In 2013, the Giesserei opened the new “Silo-Terrasse” with a lavish party as an attractive open-air location for aperitifs, flying dinners, gala dinners, grill buffets, “Marronipläusche” and get togethers in Zurich North.

In 2016 the Giesserei celebrated its 20th anniversary – still with a quest for something new. And so, a delicious fragrance has been rising since 2017 from the smoker “Susi” into the Oerlikon air.

Ursin Mirer, Hans Nyffenegger, Michael Bellert

Owners of Fidel Gastro AG

Flip Book

Banquets, concerts, celebrations, conferences, fashion shows, press conferences, general meetings, product presentations, retreats, birthdays, weddings – it doesn’t matter what we organize, you as a guest are the centre point in the Giesserei.

It is our aim to indulge you at the festively laid table, so you enjoy culinary delights, prepared from first-class, fresh products. Appropriate for the season, of course.

We want to be an attractive partner for you, on whose competent advice regarding food and beverages as well as events you can count. Your opinion is important to us. Let us know if something did not meet your expectations or exceeded them.

Growth and profit at all costs are not our aim. We strive for a healthy development, from which you as a guest benefit, as well as our employees and suppliers.

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